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Zell Design has been working with various clients mostly in the Greater Boston area. Below are a few of our clients who we have had the privilege to work with for many years.


Harvard University

Shawmut Design and Construction

Liberty Hotel

Midtown Hotel

Cyr Sign and Banner Co Inc

F-squared Investments

One Marina

CB Richard Ellis

Grassi Design Group Inc

The Tannery

First Boston Realty Group Inc

East West Bank




"Our offices occupy two floors, which originally had either vague, unprofessional, and confusing looking signage or none at all. Zell created high quality, well-designed signage, from large lobby signs, external door signs, to internal, office signs, and directional information that adhere to Harvard’s strict branding standards, elevate the professional look of our office space and make it much easier for visitors to know where they’re going when they visit us. Since implementing our signs, visitors and colleagues often compliment us about how “amazing” our office space looks, which in great part is due to Zell’s signs."
Michael Perry, Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative
"I have had the pleasure of working with Zell Design for more than 20 years.  He is my “go to” vendor for anything having to do with signage and graphics.  We have done fun custom signage for a travel company, super graphics that became a giant wall design on a curved entry wall, more typical signage for corporate clients (high end metal logos, room signage…), etched and patterned film on glass…  Every project was done on time and within the budget.  I find Zell very easy to work with – he quietly gets the job done."
Deborah Spielman, Bennington Design Management
“I have known and had the pleasure to work with Zell for over 15 years, and they have provided sign design, production and installation for many projects, both commercial and residential. They have brought a great level of creativity, as well as professionalism to all of our projects, and have met or surpassed our expectations consistently. It pleases me to recommend  Zell Design, and we look forward to working with them again soon."
Guy Grassi, Grassi Design Group
"I have worked closely with Zell Kosic for quite some time. I started meeting directly with Zell in September of 2011, once our new 250,000 square foot building was substantially finished. Zell has been a great help in assessing costs and recommending cost effective options for supplemental signage. Prior to substantial completion, internal signage was a lower priority and communication was difficult since it was only done through the architectural team. However, after substantial completion Zell took personal responsibility for ensuring our signage needs were a top priority and well documented. He produced mockups quickly and per the specifications even when the signage requests were new. In addition, Zell has managed the Harvard Law School donor signage project seamlessly. Our need for donor recognition signage is very time sensitive and requires accuracy; sometimes requiring multiple donor approvals. With Zell’s personal attention, the signs are sure to be accurate and we now understand exactly when to expect our signs, with each ad-hoc request handled seamlessly. He has also taken the time to meet with us and does not hesitate to ask questions or give sound advice. I enjoy working with Zell and am confident that he will continue to meet our complex and often changing demands. Zell’s sense of personal responsibility and good nature has been a breath of fresh air and very much appreciated."
Paula R. Malady, Harvard Law School
"If you’re looking to modernize your office space with your brand logo, I highly recommend Zell Design. Zell produces quality, attention-grabbing interior signage that will give your office a chic, contemporary look. Our clients are always so impressed by Zell’s meticulous attention to detail. Their talented team will work to ensure customized design and continuity throughout your space, from window and door logos to modular signage. Their signs will transform how you view your work environment. Zell Design, you’re the best!"
Anthony Di Carlo, Siena Construction
"We have worked with Zell on several projects. He has always been timely, cost effective, and responsive. When we need help designing certain specialty signage he has been a great resource. We would not hesitate to work with Zell again or recommend him to others."
Joseph Kennedy, Casali Group, Inc.
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